On Quantum Games course students build games and playful art projects in multidisciplinary teams. For the 2020 pilot course, the design constraint for the students was that the games could be about quantum physics or quantum research, games that aim to teach or explore scientific concepts and theories. Students can also choose to use quantum technologies in their game projects (for instance IBM’s quantum computers) in content creation or for instance making games that are inspired by the existing quantum devices. It is up to the student teams to decide what they want to do!

On the 2021 course, the theme is “Inside a Quantum Computer”. 🙂

The game projects are shared at the end of the course and all of them are also made available under a Creative Commons license.

We have also built a couple of example projects to inspire (and motivate) our students.

Example Games (from staff team)

Games Spring 2021

Games Spring 2020