Quantum Games course is run by Aalto University, Department of Media in collaboration with the Department of Applied Physics.

The course is open for all Aalto University students (DOM-E5130 Quantum Games, 3 – 9 ECTS), and selected other schools and universities.

For more information, please contact:
Postdoctoral Researcher Annakaisa Kultima, Annakaisa.Kultima@aalto.fi
PhD Student Laura Piispanen, Laura.Piispanen@aalto.fi

The course is run every year, but the theme of the course changes, making it possible for our talented students to participate multiple times.
The theme for the Quantum Games 2022 is “Quantum Hype”. The Quantum Games 2021 course was themed “Inside a Quantum Computer”.

Quantum Games course was developed as a pilot in 2020 pilot by Ludic Quantum Project (LudicQ) funded by Aalto Online Learning pilot funding and Aalto Quantum Play (AQP) project funded by Centre for Quantum Engineering (CQE). Pilot team consisted of Annakaisa Kultima, Noora Heiskanen and Teemu Kokkonen. Graphics for the course has been developed by Noora Heiskanen (and further developed by Annakaisa Kultima).

Special thanks to: Professor Mikko Möttönen (Aalto University, Department of Applied Physics), Jani-Petri Martikainen (Aalto University, Department of Applied Physics), Christina Lassheikki (Aalto University, Department of Media), Solip Park (Aalto University, Department of Media) and James Wootton (IBM Research Zurich) as well as all the speakers of our Kick-off seminar.