The character of the game is a proton which is trapped inside a quantum computer when it should be electrons moving between the qubits. The objective for the proton is to Escape from Quantum Computer and return to the outside world.

How to play the game?

Player controls the character with WASD keys. Left mouse button shoots. Change selected weapon with 123 keys. Q drops currently selected weapon. You can pick up weapons by walking on them. Fight your way to the last qubit (game level) and win the game.

How was this game made?

This game was made by only one person for the Quantum Games 2021 course at Aalto University. The initial plan was to create a shooter game which has elements inspired by quantum physics with only few ideas in mind. So it was during the development when all the ideas shaped up to their final form and many plans from the beginning were changed or left out because of lack of time.

How is this related to quantum?

The levels are laid out in the same way as qubits in the Almaden quantum computer and the graphics are inspired by the idea that the game is based inside a quantum computer. The gates to other levels are potential barriers and the character pushes through them by quantum tunneling. Entanglement gun, a weapon in the game, makes enemies have the same state and so damaging one of them affects all the others.


Unity 2020.3.2f1


Programming, graphics, game design – Henry Jaakkola
Music – David Renda
Sounds –


Game files

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