In Quantum Enigma the player controls a character that aims to recover the quantum system of the quantum lab by solve the qubit marble puzzle sets in five rooms of the quantum lab. The difficulty of the puzzles is increasing in the order of rooms, moving the marble has restricted by coherence limit, so be careful with every move.

How to play the game?

Player uses the WASD keys on the keyboard to move in the game space – the quantum lab. When Player is close to an object, for example doors and notes on the wall, the object will open automatically. There will be a board console in each room, player needs to click the board to enter the puzzle.

How was this game made?

This game was made at Aalto University in Spring 2021 by team 3 of the Quantum Games 2021 course. In our game we have 3 programmers, 2 artist-game designers, 1 quantum storyteller. Because we have many programmers in the team, we decided to make a puzzle game that is composed of 3 mini puzzle games and we decided to use Unity engine for the game. The initial idea was conceived in two meetings and was further developed throughout the Spring 2021. During the developing process we realized that we don’t have enough time to develop the other 2 mini games, so we changed the structure of the puzzle game to only including the qubit marble puzzle game.

How is this related to quantum?

In this game, the quantum concepts are used to create different types of qubit marbles (the ground state and the excited state of a qubit, quantum entanglement), terrains (theory relates to quantum tunnelling), and the limited moves are inspired by the decoherence. Some terms are made up for the game like quantum error sea (which refers to huge amounts of errors that can corrupt the devices) and quantum Tsunami (which refers to the error amount in the quantum devices is exceed some threshold so the errors destroy the quantum devices completely). These terms are less related to the practical quantum theory and closer to sci-fi creation. The original plan was to implement three puzzle games that are inspired by quantum theory, the first one is the qubit marble game and the rests are the gate manipulation game that was inspired by quantum gates and the quantum beam game that was inspired by quantum optics. But it took a lot of time to implement three games and instead we made the puzzle game only with the qubit marble game.


Unity Engine, Unity Asset Store, Github, Substance Painter, Adobe Illustrator, Blender, Maya, Qiskit, Microsoft Word, OneNote, Wikipedia


Jenni Hirvonen – Graphics
Dawid Wozny – Programming and management in programming field
Aku Tervonen – Programming
Ruda Lamac – Game design, project management and story building
Dominik Lasinski – Programming and Game Design
Rui Wang – Quantum expertise and Programming (Additionally)
Kaili Ordiz – Models and Graphics


Game files

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