On the Quantum Games 2021 we will have a series of public lectures and sessions on quantum computers and game development. We explore the topics with our course teachers, mentors and guest speakers! Everyone is welcomed to join the sessions and interact with the speakers via chat.

Our Quantum Games Twitch channel can be accessed here: https://www.twitch.tv/quantumgamesaaltofi/

Wed 10.3. 17-19 (EET) Kickoff/Lecture 0
— Mikko Möttönen: Inside a Quantum Computer
— Laura Piispanen: 4 Basic Concepts on Quantum
— Annakaisa Kultima: 4 Basic Concepts on Game Development
Wed 17.3. 17-19 (EET) Lecture 1: Tiny Tools for Game Development
— Christina Lassheikki: Twine
— Solip Park: Construct 3
— Ville Kankainen: Bitsy & Tabletopia
Wed 24.3. 17-19 (EET) Lecture 2: More Tools for Game Development
— Samuli Jääskeläinen: Unity & Pygame
— Annakaisa Kultima: GB Studio
Wed 31.3. 17-19 (EET) Lecture 3: IBM Quantum Games
— James Wootton: Games with Quantum Computer
— Marcel Pfaffhauser: Qiskit & Unity
Wed 7.4. 17-19 (EET) GN! Online Game Jam #4: Inside Quantum Computer (Kickoff)
Wed 14.4. 17-19 (EET) GN! Online Game Jam #4: Inside Quantum Computer (Review)

Wed 21.4. 17-19 (EET) Lecture 4: Quantum Board Games
— Ville Kankainen: (Quantum) Board Game Design
— Krista Erkkilä: Visualizing Quantum Functions for Q|Cards⟩
Wed 28.4. 17-19 (EET) Lecture 5: Boosting Quantum Ideas
— Natasha Skult: C.L.A.Y. – The Last Redemption, How Quantum Computing Can Enhance RPG Gameplay Experience
— Noora Heiskanen & Laura Piispanen: Quantum Moss
— Jorden Senior: Quantum Steampunk
Wed 2.6. 17-19 (EET) Public Showcase
The student games are showcased with the course mentors! 🙂