Project Alpha is a rogue-like shooter with maps generated randomly using quantum computation. The player must shoot enemies to proceed from one room to another with the main goal of finding and killing the boss. However, the player is superimposed between two realities. The worlds of the characters are mostly similar, but the rooms are slightly different.

How to play the game?

Move with WASD and shoot with left mouse button. Kill the enemies and move to new rooms until you find and kill the boss. After that exit the boss room. You can either download the desktop version or play it on your browser:

How was this game made?

The game was made in Unity. The backend server is written in python. Server source:
Game source:

How is this related to quantum?

Project Alpha uses IBM’s real quantum computers to generate seeds for the level generation. The calculations are done on a server to which the game makes API requests to. The server is written in python and uses Qiskit to interact with the IBM quantum computers.


Game engine: Unity 2020.3.3f1
Art: Aseprite
Sound effects: sfxia


Miro Aurela – Programming, Map Generation
Leo Peltola – Programming, Art & Sound effects, Server
Aaron Campbell – Programming, Quantum Computing
Marc Berta – Programming, Enemy Scripting
Lucas Huang – Writer
Tom Railio – Choosing music
Music from – tyops – Joshua Empyre

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