iFIX-IT is about a dinosaur that fixes things and helps people. In this particular demo of the game you only have one mission: Find your Dino-Brother that is trapped in one of two rooms. But beware, due to uncertainty you don’t know in which one he’s in, so be careful which room you choose, or you may lose!

How to play the game?

The player uses the mouse and the left click button to move around the map. The only thing you can interact with in the demo is the “pass code task”, get near the object and press E to interact with it. Press the correct buttons and the door will open, once inside you’ll see if you have found your Dino-Brother or not.

How was this game made?

This game was made at Aalto University during the spring of 2021 for the Quantum Games course. The original idea of the game was about a robot that fixes things for a company, the quicker the robot fixed them the higher the score, but due to time and being too optimistic about my objectives I ended up having to simplify it quite a bit. I choose to take this challenge alone because I wanted to see how much I could learn and make starting from a zero knowledge position. While some of the initial objectives I had were not fulfilled, I am still very proud to see all that I have learned and achieved.

How is this related to quantum?

The original idea was to use Qiskit to help randomize some of the tasks, but due to time constraints the only quantum thing this demo has is the representation of uncertainty in quantum physics with the Copenhagen interpretation and the observer-dependence. We don’t know where the Dino-Brother is until we (the observer) get inside the room (make a measurement).


Unity 2020.1.17f1


Marc Aguado – Art, game design, programming
Dino Characters – made by @ScissorMarks –


Game files

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