Pilot course Quantum Games 2020 is over!

We are happy to announce that our pilot course Quantum Games 2020 is now finished and it was a success! We struggled a bit with COVID-19: the course was supposed to have a lot of face-to-face meetings, two exhibitions and a physical ending seminar, but the world went crazy and restrictions at Aalto University were put in motion just one day before our kick-off! Naturally our students had to struggle a bit with their projects, as it is in general a huge challenge for anyone to make games in a distance mode. But in the end, we managed to get two game projects through these hard times!

One of the games utilized A Python-based micro game console PewPew and the other one is a cool Unity project. Both games are now available for anyone to try out: Quantum Ghost Hunt & Quantum Strategy. Test also our example game Beach Buddy Diet, which was made by our staff teams from the Ludic Quantum and Playable Concepts projects.

We are looking forward to the Spring 2021 course and hope that the world will normalize by that time! 

Screenshot from Quantum Strategy.
Screenshot from Quantum Ghost Hunt.