New course on Quantum Games at Aalto University!

In Spring 2020, we are piloting a new project course at Aalto University. This course is putting two areas of expertise at Aalto University together: quantum technologies and game development. The students of the course will work in multidisciplinary teams in building games and playful art projects utilizing quantum computers, exploring topics of quantum physics and inspired by the shared space in between.

The course is open for all Aalto University students, so we are expecting also novel interpretations of the intersection of quantum and games in different multidisciplinary projects. Will we see programmed textiles, quantum furniture, futuristic visions of quantum futures, learning games, or what will the students come up with? We are excited to see the results!

The kickoff seminar with public talks from quantum companies and professional game developers as well as pop-up exhibition of quantum games will take place at 13th March at Harald Herlin Learning Centre, at the Otaniemi campus. Full program with registration link to the event will be revealed soon!