C# Events in Unity

Author and project

Henry Jaakkola
Escape from Quantum Computer (2021)


When I started my game project I previously had no real experience with Unity nor C#. I do have about 5 years’ experience with C++ though so learning C# was not hard at all for me. I have also done some very small demos with C++ and libraries such as SFML and OpenGL. But I found something in C# that I didn’t know about before. Events. And learning about them has been incredibly useful especially in game development with Unity. I think it’s something you NEED to learn to effectively develop games with Unity.

Detailed overview of C# events


This page has quite a lot of information about events. I think it can be hard to understand if you are a beginner programmer but your life will get easier once you grasp the concept. There’s another link below if you don’t understand what’s going on here.

Beginner friendly tutorial

Here’s a great YouTube tutorial if you are a beginner or enjoy watching a video instead of reading a lot of text. This will do fine if you just quickly want to learn how to use events and get started with using them.