Learning the basics of Quantum Computing and quantum concepts

Author and project

Rui Wang
Quantum Enigma (2021)


The story background in our game is assumed that the player is helping on restart the hypothetical quantum system by solving the marble puzzles, and the marbles are the representations of qubits.

Here are some resources for gaining some basic understanding on quantum circuits, quantum computing, and quantum concepts. Hope the resources would be helpful to construct a basic picture of basic quantum concepts or phenomena for create a quantum related game.

Learning the basics of quantum computing


To learn the basics of quantum computing or have a glimpse on how the quantum gates are worked, I will recommend the Qiskit textbook. In the textbook the authors explicitly explain the idea and concepts of quantum computing, you can also try to run and learn the Qiskit package by the textbook.

Visualization of quantum phenomena and concepts


This is a great website for seeing how the quantum phenomena act in 3D space, the animation videos in the website explain the quantum concepts and phenomena really straightforwardly and really helpful to build a direct impression of the abstract terms.

Articles that introduce the quantum concepts and quantum game production


This is the Medium channel of Dr. James Wootton. Dr. James Wootton has explained the quantum concepts and techniques thoroughly in his articles, he also made many fun quantum games. Thus, it will be a good inspiration for anyone who wants to make a quantum game.