How to start poking at Unity without having any idea how Unity works.

Author and project

Antti “Penguinizer” Matikainen
Quantum Strategy


Here are a handful of links about how to work with Unity when one has never worked with Unity.

The project was in some ways an excuse to learn how to work with Unity. None of us, however, had ever done so in the past. A large part of the project was everyone involved learning how to work with Unity. Everything from creating objects to how to make collision work to scripting objects to make a functional game. These are quite simple, however these are also the tutorials used when we began work on the game.

How to get started with Unity3D

This is a beginners guide to working with unity. Covers the basics of scripting, creating game objects and the various components you can add to them. Some of the interactions between components are not the most clear. Having a basic tutorial can kick off the learning process well.

How to make UI in Unity – EASY TUTORIAL

Much like the first link, this one is a very basic tutorial that gets through the basic steps of how to create a UI. This was the tutorial I used when I first began implementing a UI for the game. Youtube videos are also easier to digest than reading documentation.

Unity3d Script Reference

More than a handful of problems were fixed by simply reading the documentation after finding the relevant article for the function. Everything from how to access certain variables to how functions worked and how to utilize them with practical examples.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is something most people are likely familiar with. If the documentation didn’t help then the solution was most likely found just by googling the issue alongside Stack Overflow. If you are facing a setback it is likely someone else has also had the same problem. Finding how they fixed it will help you.

Unity Learn

Unity’s own tutorials. These alongside the first linked tutorial were how I familiarized myself with Unity at the start of the project. I eventually switched to YouTube tutorials out of convenience but these were still quite useful.