Quantum mechanical phenomena and the basics of quantum computing

Author and project

Quantum Ghost Hunt


The game scenario in our game is a sort of a hypothetical situation where the player finds himself battling with the laws of physics. Here are links about basic quantum mechanical phenomena. In order to tailor a game environment that is faithful to these concepts a good grasp of the basic quantum mechanical phenomena is needed. We enlist below some of the resources that helped us create this game. These resources are particularly useful for anyone who wishes to self-study quantum mechanics and quantum computing.

Concepts of Quantum Mechanics

This lecture series is an intuitive introduction to the basic concepts of quantum mechanics. The lecturer is a renowned physicist and one of the fathers of string theory. Accessible to everyone, all you need is a pen and paper and some patience.

Quantum Computing explained


This book pretty much covers all the basics of quantum computing, moreover, it is supplied with lots of exercises to test your understanding. It doesn’t require any prior knowledge of quantum mechanics; each chapter is supplemented with lots of solved examples to familiarize the reader with the new concepts.

Programming the Quantum Computer


After going through the previous material, you are now ready to create your own game. This list of videos are straight forward and fun to watch. They helped me a lot with learning the qiskit language. No need for any prior programming skills.